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Post-traumatic stress disorder affects up to 15% of girls and up to 6% of boys in the United States who have experienced a traumatic event. PTSD can leave your child feeling scared, angry, and out-of-control, but the good news is that most cases of PTSD can resolve with proper treatment. At Developing Minds NY, in the Financial District of Manhattan, Stephen Gamss, DO, offers expert diagnosis, treatment, and support to children and teens with PTSD and their families. To schedule an evaluation for PTSD, call the office in New York City, or book online today.


What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that occurs after a traumatic experience. 

Most people who experience trauma feel scared, anxious, angry, or sad following the event, but these emotions should resolve over time. When they don’t resolve, they can lead to the symptoms of PTSD, which can occur at any age.

Experiences that can cause PTSD include:

  • Domestic or community violence
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Natural disasters
  • Car accidents
  • Death of a loved one
  • Homelessness and extreme poverty

Untreated PTSD can cause problems with your child’s or teenager’s learning, emotional development, social interactions, and family life. PTSD is associated with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. 

How do I know if my child has PTSD? 

Children and teens with PTSD may experience intrusive thoughts, involuntary memories (“flashbacks”), and negative feelings about themselves and others.

Signs of PTSD in children and teens may include: 

  • Poor concentration or school performance
  • Avoiding social activities
  • Inability to experience positive emotions
  • Difficulty maintaining friendships
  • Angry outbursts

Symptoms typically begin within the first month of the traumatic experience, but sometimes PTSD symptoms don’t arise for years after the triggering event.

What services are available for PTSD?

Dr. Gamss and the team at Developing Minds NY can assess your child’s symptoms to determine conclusively if they have PTSD. 

Dr. Gamss also recommends treatment solutions and resources for patients and their families so they can integrate the traumatic experience and regain their ability to enjoy a full, productive life.

Available services for PTSD include:

Diagnostic evaluation

To diagnose PTSD, Dr. Gamss performs a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. This involves a 90-minute assessment session, a review of their medical history, and input from your child’s school, medical team, and previous or current mental health providers. 

Medication management

Medication can benefit many patients with PTSD. Dr. Gamss provides ongoing monitoring of your child’s response to each medication and tracks their progress. He also makes changes in dosage or medicines when needed.

Comprehensive evaluation report

Developing Minds NY provides detailed reports to your child’s school, outside agencies, benefits providers, and other entities. These reports confirm your child’s eligibility for services and support that can help them regain control over their emotions and behavior.

To schedule a consultation at Developing Minds NY, call today or book online.