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Sleep Disorder Early-onset Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Sleep is essential to the health of children and adolescents; it supports overall function, promotes physical growth, and supports mental development. But almost 50% of children in the United States experience some type of sleep disorder. At Developing Minds NY, in the Financial District of Manhattan, Stephen Gamss, DO, diagnoses and treats sleep disorders in kids and teens, and provides resources and support for families. To schedule an evaluation for a sleep disorder, call the office in New York City, or book online today.

Sleep Disorder Q & A

What is a sleep disorder?

When you experience changes in the way you sleep, and those changes prevent you from getting enough sleep or affect the quality of your sleep, you might have a condition known as a sleep disorder.

There are numerous types of sleep disorders. The most common sleep disorders that affect children include:

  • Night terrors
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Sleepwalking

Teenagers may also experience insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and narcolepsy.

What causes sleep disorders?

The exact cause of sleep disorders isn’t always apparent. Genetics, bedtime rituals, exposure to screens, and other factors may contribute to sleep disorders.

How do I know if my child has a sleep disorder? 

The following signs could indicate that your child or teen suffers from a sleep disorder:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Difficulty waking up
  • Frequently late to school
  • Poor concentration
  • Irritability
  • Hyperactivity
  • Low tolerance of frustration
  • Poor impulse control
  • A decline in school performance
  • Mood swings
  • Depression or anxiety

A sleep disorder may resolve as your child gets older, but if it interferes with your child’s education and emotional or physical health, or it creates ongoing problems, you might want to seek treatment from a qualified provider.

What services are available for sleep disorders?

If you’re concerned that your child or teen may have a sleep disorder, Dr. Gamss and the team at Developing Minds NY provides evaluation and treatment solutions that improve sleep and address related mental health needs.

Available services for sleep disorders include:

Diagnostic evaluation

To diagnose a sleep disorder, Dr. Gamss performs a comprehensive assessment, which provides for a 90-minute evaluation session and a review of your child’s medical records. He may also request genetic testing and additional information from your child’s school, doctor, and previous or current mental health providers. 

Medication management

Some sleep disorders are effectively treated with prescription medications. Dr. Gamss offers expert management services to monitor how your child responds to medication and track their ongoing progress. He also makes adjustments in the dosage or type of medication as necessary.

Comprehensive evaluation report

If your child has a sleep disorder or a co-occurring condition that affects their school performance, Developing Minds NY can provide a detailed report to their school, outside agencies, and other entities. This information helps to secure services and support so your child can reach their full potential while addressing their mental health needs. 

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